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It’s a beach day with sunshine and salty air! We can’t believe it is December already as we bring you our last collection of the year. Down by the sea Collection and Project Share is perfect for all those seaside memories and includes 6 new paper designs, 6 lasers and a single and double kit in bright blues and vibrant red.

Down by the Sea Collection


Papers in this Collection







Lasers in this Collection

Code: DBSL01
Name: Down by the sea header
Size: 6.97 X 2.20 INCHES

Code: DBSL02
Name: Shell frame
Size: 5.12 X 5.12 INCHES

Code: DBSL03
Name: Sea elements
Size: 5.12 X 5.12 INCHES

Code: DBSL04
Name: Sunshine quote
Size: 3.70 x 3.74 INCHES

Code: DBSL05
Name: Lighthouse
Size: 6.92 x 4.13 INCHES

Code: DBSL06
Name: Hut border
Size: 10.63 X 2.17 INCHES

Kits in this Collection

Single Kit

Double Kit

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